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Inspiring explorations into the enchanted desert landscape of Baja California

Baja California is a contradictory land of desert and mountains surrounded by hundreds of miles of paradise beaches and a deep blue ocean. Few dare to explore Baja California's secrets beyond pavement. We will be among the few. This treasure trove of natural wonders offers exhilarating adventures for the traveler not afraid of rough roads. It will be a pretty adventurous trip and a very active vacation for nature lovers.

Our expedition style tour will lead through a unique world of endemic plants and animals. The warm beaches will charm you into staying - if only you could stay forever. Rub your elbows with playful sea lions during our snorkeling excoursion, stand in awe before one of the largest pre-historing cave painting galleries on the planet and discover that the whales are actually lining up to watch us. Visit tranquil missions and buzling small Mexican towns. Refreshing Mexican cerveza and bucket-sized Margaritas will round the mouthwatering experience of fresh Mexican cusine.

My Baja California trips and tours offer a refreshing mix of rustic camp nights and relaxing hotel comfort. As much camping as possible to get really close to nature and just enough hotels so you won't forget civilization. You will definitely not forget the romantic nights around the camp fire. There is no better way to leave the stress of everyday life behind and restore your sense of freedom, beauty and grace.

I am looking forward to traveling with you!
Harald Pietschmann

Relaxing on warm, velvety sand nature trip Baja California relaxing after whale watching

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